FBCMUD 151 installs new dog waste stations

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Firethorne residents who frequent the common areas and walking trails may have noticed that Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District 151 (FBCMUD 151) recently replaced several dog waste stations.

The Board of Directors understands that District residents love their pets and enjoy going out for walks in the community’s beautiful green spaces. When it was brought to the Board’s attention that some of the dog waste stations throughout the Firethorne community were in need of replacement, the Board began to evaluate options for replacement stations.

In order to ensure that facilities met the community’s high standards, the Board voted unanimously in March to replace the dog waste stations with a new type of station made from a rust-proof material for a longer useful life expectancy. The stations were ordered and were installed in April as soon as they arrived.

Below is a map showing the locations of the new dog waste stations in Firethorne. The Board encourages all residents to clean up after their pets. The Board also encourages all residents to report dog waste stations in need of attention to the District via the contact form on the website.