Firethorne Right-of-Way Landscape Maintenance Update!

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Earlier in February, the District’s website featured an article outlining the change in landscape services to Terry’s Landscaping. As a part of the transition process, the District requested Terry’s evaluate all District property for areas requiring additional maintenance and mowing.

As February continued, it became evident some of the right-of-way areas owned by Fort Bend County were not being maintained and had grown to be quite an eyesore. While these areas are not owned by the District and the District is not obligated to maintain them, after careful consideration by the Board of Directors at the February regular meeting and after considering available options, the Board unanimously voted to add the Fort Bend County right-of-ways noted in the Terry’s Landscaping assessment as part of the District provided maintenance and ongoing beautification of the Firethorne neighborhood for the sake of uniformity and to ensure that these areas are maintained at a level consistent with other District maintained areas.

This past Thursday, Terry’s Landscaping began maintaining these areas and will continue to monitor all District properties to ensure a high level of service. If residents have any questions or comments about the landscaping schedule or services, please contact us via the website Contact Us page.

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